I needed a break.

10:19 AM

I've had plenty to blog about, I just haven't.  I needed time to get away.  I spent time with my kids. With our friends.  I laughed and loved and didn't read about everyone else's life for a few weeks. 

Chris's cousin came to visit us from Allentown. She was a breath of fresh air.  The kids adored her and they couldn't wait to see her each morning.  Brianna is a good kid.  She's not really a kid at 23, but she's awesome.  She has a wonderful head on her shoulders and I just know that she's going to do great things with her life.  I was so thankful for her bright smile and cheery disposition for six days.  I was even more thankful, and entertained, by her willingness to clean up after herself and holding my husband accountable for doing so as well!  I love that we were able to spend some time with her, I only wish that we would have had better weather, but you cannot control the sun.

Jordin is pulling up on everything and is walking while holding our hands. I'm not ready.  I'm not ready for this sweet girl to be running wild through our house.  She'll be 11 months tomorrow and her first teeth are finally starting to cut through and maybe, just maybe, we'll see a peek of them on her 11mo birthday. 

I haven't planned one thing for her birthday.  We're not having a big party and instead are doing three small parties - the first party is the weekend of June 1, when Cameryn has her school recital.  Chris's family will be here so it just seemed right to celebrate while they are in town instead of asking them to drive back two weeks later.  We'll have a small celebration on her birthday, June 14, with our friends and then June 15 we'll go to my mom's house and celebrate with my family.  I have thought about her cake, I think I want her to have a Mickey Mouse cake.  She has gravitated to his voice since she was an infant and she always claps and dances to the Hot Dog Dance, so why not a Mickey Mouse cake? 

Her hearing test came back normal, with no evidence of hearing loss at her check up.  PRAISE.  I was so worried.  She's a chatterbox and I have no doubt she'll be competing with Cameryn for the loudest voice in the house soon.

Cameryn doesn't change much day to day.  She's sassy and sweet and stays away from the camera because she's just too busy. 

I changed my lifestyle, just a bit.  I stopped eating carbs after breakfast.  I consume mostly fresh fruits and veggies and choose fish over any other protein.  I try to workout 4-5x a week.  I've lost 4.5 lbs and I'm two lbs away from my 'first' goal and ten from my end goal.  I see results but the real difference is how I feel.  I have more energy.  I don't feel as bloated.  I feel good, and really, that's most important anyhow.  So even if I never reach my end goal, that's okay. 

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