Where did it go?

6:00 AM

December 14, she is six months today.  I'm not sure where six months went, exactly.

She is growing up so quickly.  I knew, when she was born, that it would happen faster this time.  I knew that the sleepless nights were temporary.  That the colicky stage would pass.  That it would take a few weeks for the both of us to figure the other out.  I knew that the still moments would soon turn into a squirmy baby who is fascinated by everything and everyone.  I knew that my second born would grow fast, I expected it, I just didn't expect for me to miss the 'newborn' stage so much.  I don't know if we will have another baby, she could very well be my last.  I just wanted to soak every moment in. 

Her slate grey newborn eyes have slowly turned a brighter blue.  They are still slightly grey, like mine, and not sky blue like her big sisters. 

She is no longer nursing.  I was so proud that we were able to nurse, exclusively, for four months.  Those quiet moments were so special for both of us.  I was able to escape for a few minutes each day and spend time with just her, which she rarely gets as the second child.  But I was also able to escape from the busy world and focus on me.  I put down my phone and iPad and would just sit.  I was forced to do it and I'm thankful for that.  I'm thankful that I could have those quiet moments with her. The way she would study my face.  The way that I would just watch.

She sits up on her own and has been since 5 months, but she doesn't roll over.  This doesn't surprise me because Cameryn was the same way.  I'm glad that she isn't mobile yet because it means that she's still a baby and not moving toward the toddler stage.

She sleeps well.  She still gets up once or twice, but its okay, its temporary.  She still smiles in her sleep. 

She's eating real food now.  She loves to naw on apple slices, but doesn't like applesauce.  She prefers vegetables over fruit.

She doesn't have any teeth yet and for this, I'm glad.  There's something about a big toothless grin that still means she is a baby and not a toddler.  She sucks on her bottom lip and smiles at the same time.  I call it her old man face.

I look at her and my heart melts.  She laughs, a lot, but the loudest for her sister whom she adores.  I often find myself staring at the two of them together and wondering how I got so lucky to have such beautiful babies.  The wonder that is them.

A half of a year. 
Happy 6mo, Jordin.


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