A Fresh 24

9:51 AM

Do you ever have those moments when you just feel good?  Like the entire universe aligned in your favor and you have an extra spring in your step?  I felt like that most of the day yesterday.  I was extremely productive at work, I ditched the yoga pants for real clothes and made it into the office and finished my to do list in a few hours. I hit the grocery store and stocked up on healthy food.  I uppped my speed during my run and knocked out a few miles.  I also got an itch to DIY and spray painted some lamps that I had lying around and added them to my living room.  My husband wasn't a fan and I just smiled and told him that they may not match the room now, but I'm adding color to our house to make it more "me" and he'll see the big picture eventually.  I'm not sure why I had this smiley, happy, unicorns and rainbows kind of attitude, but I liked it.

Maybe it's because last week is over and I am so glad that I can put it behind me.  To put it simply, last week was hell on wheels.  Saying goodbye to Porter was tough and it took Chris several days to come to terms with goodbye.  Our house was so quiet with Porter gone and Cameryn at my mom's for the week, it was strange.  For the first time in 13 years, we didn't have a dog.  So, we decided that we would get one and we started searching for the best dog for us.  We finally found one on Thursday, she is half French Bulldog and half Boston Terrier, a Frenchton (or Froshton.)  We really wanted a French Bulldog but they are so expensive plus they have a lot of health issues, but by breeding a Frenchie with another breed the health issues are diminished.   I sent a picture of the puppy to my mom and asked her to show it to Cameryn, just to see what she said.  Luckily, she said that the puppy was "super cute."  We'll pick up the puppy on Friday.  We've already named her, she has a bed and a crate (which is a new thing for our family) and Chris and Cameryn painted a dog food table for her food bowls. 

Chris and I worried all week about Cameryn and how she would react to the news of Porter's passing.  She was home for about thirty minutes before she asked where he was. 
I took a deep breath and said, "Well, baby, Porter had to go to dog heaven." 
Her face fell and she said, "While I was gone?" 
"Yes.  He was very sick and there wasn't any medicine to make him better.  But he knew how much you loved him.  He loved you, too.  So much."
And she sobbed.  I held her tight and after about ten minutes I said, "Do you remember the picture of the puppy that Grandma showed you?"
She nodded.
"Well, that puppy is yours.  I bought that puppy and we can pick it up in 7 days."
The tears still rolled but her eyes were a little brighter.  She gave me a big hug and said, "My own puppy?  A little puppy?  I'm so excited!" 
Without our puppy, I'm really not sure that she would have taken the news about Porter as well as she did.  She hasn't asked to read the book, Dog Heaven, which means that she's probably not ready to talk about it yet.  She does make little comments here and there, "We don't have a puppy in our house.  My puppy went to heaven."  or  "Mom, you might need to sweep the floor because we don't have a puppy clean up the food that falls on the floor."
Sigh.  She's sad about Porter.  We all are.
And I am a firm believer that a kid should never be without a dog if the family can make it happen. We're a dog family.  We need a dog.  Four more days.

In the midst of all of the dog drama, Jordin had her first ENT appointment on Tuesday.  She has little to no hearing in her left ear, which scares me but I know that it can change so quickly.  Thursday morning, she had tubes placed in her ears.  The entire procedure, from the time that I left her to when I saw her in recovery, lasted less than 10 minutes and she was under for less than 5.  You know how everyone says how awesome tubes are.. How they'll help so much and your child will be so happy!  Yeah.  No.  Not Jordin.  I told Chris that if Jordin doesn't start sleeping and stop whining 24/7 that we will have the tubes removed.  She has not been as happy as usual since the tubes have been in place.  She didn't sleep for 3 days, less than 5 hrs a night and a 20 minute nap each day.  Hopefully, she can grasp some of my smiley, happy, unicorns and rainbows kind of attitude, and quickly!  I'm chalking up her lack of sleep to her hearing, maybe it's improved and she's over stimulated.  Plus, she's now pulling up and wanting to stand all the time, she's beginning to cruise along the furniture but just a few tiny steps. 

Last week is over.  Thankfully. 
It's a new week. 
A new day. 
A fresh 24. 
What will you do with yours?

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