Life is flying by

3:35 PM

6 weeks

I turned an uneventful 31 on Saturday.  I don't even feel old.  Turning 30, I felt old, but 31?  Eh.  No biggie.

Someone sent this to my office, for me.  I'm glad someone else agrees.

Jordin is already two months old (I hope to have an update on her after her doctors appointment tomorrow!)  She is a big, michelin baby, just like her sister was.  Giving her a bath is like cleaning the wrinkles of an english bulldog.  She's long and I'm sure she has doubled her birth weight.  She is such a chill baby compared to Cameryn at this age.  She rarely cries, she smiles all the time, is already trying to laugh and jabbers to us nonstop.  Her little coos are the sweetest thing.  I don't remember Cameryn smiling or laughing this early, or maybe I just didn't pay enough attention?

7 weeks
8 weeks
9 weeks

I cried on Monday night after my first day back at work.  I cried because I missed a full day with my girls.  I didn't get to see Jordin's pretty blue eyes because she was sleeping when I dropped her off at daycare and then she slept the entire evening.  So, when she's awake I'm trying to soak up every single second with my girls because now, I know. I know that this sweet baby stage doesn't last and soon Jordin is going to be running around my house wanting to listen to Ozzy Osbourne with her Daddy.   I missed hearing about Cameryn's day too because she'll only talk about it to the person who picks her up from school and it wasn't me.

I forgot about this part.  I forgot how difficult it is to be a working Mommy.  How difficult it is to juggle work, kids, husband, home, and me.  I'm not that sleep deprived (thank goodness Jordin is already sleeping 4-7 hours a night!) but I'm still tired from trying to get it all done.  One of these days I will find a routine that works for us.

Speaking of routines, I need a new workout routine.  Because the state of my a$$ is ridiculous.  I'm not having much pain, at all, and think that my tailbone is almost completely healed (thank you, Baby Jesus!)  Yes, I've lost all 17lbs that I gained during my pregnancy, plus a few more (I blame it on breastfeeding because I'm a professional Golden Oreo connoisseur!), but I need to tone up (because I am a professional Golden Oreo connoissuer.).  I borrowed Insanity from a friend of mine and thought that I would give it a try.  I took the fitness test and if its possible to fail, I did.  I won't give up but dear god, you have to be insane to do that work out.  It's appropriately named, for sure.  I almost face planted doing some kind of push-up.  I've been running a few times and struggled with controlling my breath so there's another challenge for me to overcome.  Right now, the biggest problem is that I need to find time in the day that is mine.  And one day, I'm sure I will.  I'm just not sure it will be anytime soon.

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